Trip to Georgia 4-25-09

In our attempt to reach all fifty states, we traveled into Georgia the other day.  Technically, we only went to the welcome center and got out.  Then, traveled down to the next exit (had to to turn around).  BUT, hey..we were in GA!


At the welcome center : PROOF that we were there!


Posing with a cardboard CPK.  The Cabbage Patch Hospital is just down the road a ways.  I want to go soon…it’s FREE!







Scenic view before getting to Chattanooga.




Abby by the car at the scenic view stop.




Jimmy by the car at the scenic stop.




This is a pic of the dam near Chattanooga.  I was snapping pics while he was driving.



The river side of our dam.  Driving by….



The store just past our dam.  The kids snicker when we go by the Dam Store!  LOL



The fish she wanted her pic with, but yet…didn’t want to stick her finger in it’s mouth.!  LOL  They went fishing after we got home.



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