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Cataloochee POST 3

Since we didn’t know the layout of the land, we headed right past the first bridge.  It had a sign posted that said there was an information place down this road.  It just so happens, that our first house was on this road..and it held the information place.

Mamaw visit 024

I know, what an odd picture to start with.  You have to understand my husband to know this picture.  He has always said that Cades Cove (a place nearer our town similar to this place) should have port-a-potties placed here and there.  AND BAM!  They have them all over this place.

Mamaw visit 026

The Palmer Place

Mamaw visit 032

Breezeway with Harry Potter’s room

Mamaw visit 037

Look….it’s Harry Potter and his younger sister!

Mamaw visit 031

One of many of my window pictures..

Mamaw visit 034

Peeling wallpaper…this place had tons!

Mamaw visit 036

Mamaw visit 039

Kitchen cabinets…This it just two doors.

Mamaw visit 040

She is meditating in the kitchen!  LOL

Mamaw visit 041

Mamaw visit 042

Can you say CREEPY?

Mamaw visit 043

attic hole

Mamaw visit 044

My husband thought this picture was upside down.  This is one of the upstairs bedrooms.  The windows were this low in both.

Mamaw visit 054

Backside of the house.  The white part houses the information center.

Mamaw visit 055

Spring house…currently dry (or just ran through piping to the house)

Mamaw visit 056

Mamaw visit 061

I’m loving the drive-in barn!

Mamaw visit 060

Barn’s breezeway.

Mamaw visit 062

JUNK JUNK JUNK..this was upstairs.  BROKEN GLASS!

bodies camera 044

I’m not sure what this is.  My husband ventured up to the very top of the barn (third floor) and took this picture.  ANYBODY?

Mamaw visit 067

We never found the graves.  I’m guessing there up on top of the mountain.

Mamaw visit 068

We did find these two chimneys on the ‘hike’ up to the graves.

Mamaw visit 064

This is the creek across the road from the house/barn.

Mamaw visit 071

This is another house on the property.  I’m gonna guess it was for other family members.




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