Cataloochee – POST 5

After the school, we come upon a bridge that seems to go to nowhere.  The rest of the family ventured across…not me!  I’m not a lover of bridges!!!  I did go to the middle to take a picture…

Mamaw visit 108

Mamaw visit 109

After stopping at the bridge, we head on over to the Caldwell place.  This house is painted so lovely!  There is even a barn to venture’s just a barn!

Mamaw visit 117

Mamaw visit 114

Mamaw visit 115

Mamaw visit 118

Another lovely rickety bridge!

Mamaw visit 119

Do you ever find a place where people have actually listened?

Mamaw visit 120

This one is more of a boardwalk.  With all this rainy weather, I need one at myhouse!

Mamaw visit 122

Mamaw visit 124

This reminds me of that commercial where the kid says you’re in the dead zone!

Mamaw visit 123

Mamaw visit 125

3 windows!

Mamaw visit 126

Harry Potter’s room!

Mamaw visit 132

Mamaw visit 133

HEY  3 windows again!

Mamaw visit 136

I’m liking this window shot!

Mamaw visit 139

Some light reading..

Mamaw visit 142

back view…people were lunching on the back porch.

Mamaw visit 143

Crap..back across that thing..UGH!

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