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My Latest Hobby…

I have fell in love with hand embroidery. I already did cross-stitch and to be honest with you, I can’t see those little squares anymore.

After reading this gal’s blog over at ‘My Country Home’, I had to give it a try. She is wonderful at this craft (and others). You must go check her out! I can’t remember how I got started reading her blog, but I can’t wait to see what she is working on next. She has all sorts of links for free BOM (Block of the Month) patterns. They’re all wonderful. I’ve got most of them downloaded and even finished one set.

My daughter has even tried her hand at it. She spent the greater part of the night sewing up a little stitchery that we designed together. It was her idea and we worked on the drawing together. She stitched it totally alone. She didn’t want to trace the pattern, so we did the print right on the fabric. I might have to start doing that for myself…so much easier! I had to trace…UGH.

Here is her stitchery…. She is giving it to someone special to both of us. (I don’t think she reads my blog, so maybe she won’t see it until I get around to mailing it!)

Here is the picture if anyone else wants to stitch it up…go right ahead and steal the picture. (I’m not sure how to host it otherwise.) ~~I’m not sure if you guys can see it or not, since it’s not showing up on my page…but when I click it it goes to the picture~~

Here is the Autumn hanging I did for my office. I plan on doing one for each of the seasons and just switching them out. I love the stick idea (again this was from Leslie over at  “My Country Home”) This one is from HomeBerries.

Here are a couple of apple hangings that I made for the classroom, but they look so good hanging in my office. I don’t want to move them! LOL I even made the little wire hangers. These are both from HomeBerries.

Here is the BOM that I finished. It is the Christmas Wish-List BOM from Gail Pan Designs.


I crocheted a hat…and she likes it!


I got bored the other night and had some pink yarn sitting next to my bed.  So what do I do?  I made a dress for DD’s DD.  Then, I made her a little cap.  When my DD seen what I had done, she wanted a hat for herself.  That’s when all my problems started.

I got a pattern from wal-mart. I had to use a pattern, because I’m not that great at making stuff that you can actually use from my head.  Doll clothes are another story.   I forgot to measure and since I crochet somewhat tight….you see where I’m going with this.  Yep, and I had that thing almost done!  She came and tried it on.  Let me tell  you, she was stretchingggggg it.  She got it to fit, but it had to hurt.  So I had to frog it and start over.  Luckily, I had it done by this morning for her.  She wore it outside in the cold to jump on the trampoline.  Those kids are die hard jumpers.

Now, DS2 want one.  It’ll never end with these two.  When one gets something, the other has to have the same thing…different color of course.



Crafty Goodness

I have so many crafting projects in the works for the week.  Here are a couple pics of what I finished yesterday.

 purse-4-friend.JPGThis is a purse for a friend.  I made one for myself also, different fabric.


This is a repurposed hoodie.  My MIL wanted it made into a jacket for her sister.  I gotta say that it was easier than what I expected.

Now, I’m working on a bone purse for DD to carry with the doggie outfit I’m making her for halloween.

Finally Finished

Here are some pics of an afghan that I had been working on/off for about two years.

TGIF….thank God it’s finished

Origami Bag


I have been working on some outfits for my DD today. I would have been finished if I didn’t have a business appointment. (I hate those). The kids and I did however get to play some tennis today. They need a little, well, a lot of practice. They had me running to pick up balls more than anything.

Here is a link I found for this awesome bag. I’m definitely trying this one soon. Maybe I can use the leftover fabric from my DD’s Easter dress.

Ta Ta For Now

Etsy Sales

My son was noting that I hadn’t sold anything lately on Etsy. Ha Ha Ha. The very next day I sold two pairs of ear rings. Serves him right heckling me.

Things have been really busy and crazy around here. I have been playing around with my other blog and my myspace template. I just can’t figure out what I want to do with them. I want to spice them up. I just don’t have the time to keep previewing.

In Search Of…Dress form

I have been searching, bidding, and searching again because I was outbid. I am looking for a dress form. I want to make one of those lamps I saw on Tv.

I have now given up my search and I am going to make one. I really wanted one that was more womanly, if you get my drift. Yet, I will be using my little dd for a model. I guess this is more appropriate since it will go in her room.

You wouldn’t believe how many tutorials are on the www. Checking them all out takes time. I have figured out which way to go about and now to get started.

Rambling. I haven’t done anything today but clean house, fish tanks, rabbit cage, and bird cages. I am soooo ready to go to sleep. I just can’t seem to get away from the computer. I guess I just want some time to myself. This is the first time I have logged onto the computer for myself. My son was on earlier.
I will stop boring everyone now. Good night.