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TUTORIAL – Gameboy Bag from Kool-aid pouches





  • Large sheet of plastic canvas
  • fabric, about 1/4 yd or less
  • thread, or embroidery floss
  • 1/2 yd of strapping
  • 11 pouches
  • velcro
  • tape, any kind, optional
  • glue gun, and sticks

Prepare to start:
1. Cut bag front from the back. Save the silver backs. (if you are using kool-aid, just substitute some clear vinyl)


2. Cut your canvas into six pieces. Size depends on your gameboy model.

3. Fold your fabric in half. Lay your canvas pieces on top. Cut around the pieces leaving about 1″ around all sides. To make the sewing process easier, I mark with a pen around the canvas. Be sure to leave room along the bottom to turn it up.

Let’s get going:
1. With fabric RST, right sides together, sew around three sides of the canvas piece.


2. Turn right side out. Insert canvas piece. Flip up the unsewn edge and tuck inside. I do a blanket stitch around this edge. Do this on all pieces.
3. Now, start hooking your box together. I just blanket stitch two pieces together. I usually start with the small sides and add on the front and back. When all four sides are on, blanket stitch the corners together. Then, I put the inside seperator in and attach it to the sides. I don’t bother with the bottom.


4. Attach your strapping by stitching it to the center of the small sides. (note: I melt the ends of my straps with a lighter, to keep them from fraying)
5. Box frame is complete.Now for the outside:
1. Take six pouch fronts and fold over the long edges in opposite ways.


2. Interlock the pouches (easier to do by adding one more at a time), and sew up between them. Continue until you have six in a row.
3. Now you can fold over one long edge of the seventh pouch front. Attach it in the same manner. Wrap the completed string around your box frame and measure to how wide you need the seventh pouch. Cut off the excess, but be sure leave enough to fold over to interlock. Now stitch them all into a circle.<<<Hook #7 to #1.


4. Slide the box into the wrap. Flip down a little of the top, I tape it in a few places around to hold it while I sew. Blanket stitch around the top to secure the wrap to the box.

5. Now, take the remaining four tops and interlock and sew them two by two. Then lock the bottom of one and the top of the other set to make a square with all four. Do the same with four of the pouch backs.


6. Lay the two squares WSF, wrong sides facing. Blanket stitch around the outside edges to secure the two together.

Get the glue gun HOT:
1. Lay the flap, the square, over the top of the box. Sort of center it where you can have a front to put the velcro on, but still have a place to glue it in the back. Fold it so you can crease it and mark your place.
2. Put some hot glue on the back part of the flap and secure it to the box. You might have to hold it until it dries some.
3. Fold your pouch wrap, that is already sewn to your box, and wrap the bottoms of the pouches under the box. Tack with a little glue.
4. Take two pouch backs and interlock and sew them together along the short ends. Lay it on the bottom of the box. Fold over the outside edges and glue it down. Might have to press until glue dries some. Watch out, it gets hot.


5. Attach your velcro. I put a dab of hot glue on the backs of the velcro to make sure it gets attached.

Guess what you do now:
1. Give it to someone you love.
2. or, Keep it for yourself.


One Response

  1. wow, this is absolutely fantastic. I would love something like this for my Nintendo DS!

    well done, you should sell these on ETSY

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