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LAPBOOK – Flat Stanley

As mentioned before, we are doing Flat Stanley. I cheated and got the free lapbook from Homeschoolshare.com. I did spice it up a bit by making a cool ‘lapbook’. Instead of using a typical folder, I made a large Flat Stanley and we used that to put our books on.

Here he is in all his glory…. (He is as big as a regular posterboard).

DS2 had to do a candid photo with him after I hung him on the wall…

Here he is with all his books glued on…

This is how we folded him… We flopped his arms in and then tucked his legs behind his head. ( I had prefolded him before I glued on the books.)

DD is posing with him completed now…

We are also doing some flat people of our own. I hope to have them travel the US. Currently they are on their way to VA. That will be their first stop. We are going to host their flats here in TN. (Pics to come)…

These are the completed flats with their respective children. They used fabric for clothing and yarn for hair. They are laminated to keep them safe from foul weather.

FREE – B is for Beatitudes

This week the best homeschool estore on the web is giving away another great freebie…. (how’s that for a sentence).

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“B is for Beatitude”

B is for Beatitudes” focuses on the Beatitudes as taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Other skills covered include; responding to the mini-book, writing numbers, writing B, learning the sound b makes, creating patterns and recognizing and sorting shapes.

Our Early Learning Lap-book Series alternates between Old Testament stories and New Testament teachings. Each lap-book kit includes a Biblically accurate mini book with scripture reference, instructions and diagrams to aid you in the assembly of the lap-book and various activities built off the premise of the mini-book. The lap-books are designed to strengthen Bible knowledge, language skills, math skills, social studies skills, and science knowledge through hands on activities and practice. All lap-books include an art activity, sight words and a memory verse. In addition, there is a list of extension activities to strengthen the skills presented in the lap-book. Appealing to all learning styles.


PLUS….they are having another great deal set going on…. Must Check It Out… SALE LINK

New Classroom Photos

Well, here are the updated classroom photos that I talked about a while back. We still have part of a wall to build and some sheet rock work to finish in this room…not to mention it will have to be repainted!


This is the wall with the tall bookshelves on it. The shelves currently house games, dvds (since the living room unit isn’t finished), hardback childrens books, non-fiction books, reference books, and curriculum for years to come. PLUS, the bottom of one shelf is books I have posted over on PaperBackSwap.com.


This is the short bookshelves. They hold the paperback chapter books (in alphabetical order I might add). The yellow box on top holds public library books. I mark how many we have out and when they are due back, so I don’t forget. The stack of books on top of the other shelf are our dinosaur books. That is our current yearly topic. In the forefront of the picture is our table. The kids do most everything here. Since the classroom holds their crafting materials and computer…they pretty much live in here.


Moving on around the room, you see our cubby corner. The white shelf holds their current year books and supplies. The top has markers, crayons, pencils, sharpeners, rulers, and glue…etc. Hanging on the side of the white shelves are their subject cards (Think deal-a-meal cards!..one for each subject). In the corner is just another seat for the computer, which DD is playing on. The desk also holds an electronic typewriter for apparently only publishing newspapers on (that seems to be what the littles like to do). On the wall is our daily whiteboard. I make daily notes on it that stay there ALL DAY! The calendar is located next to that, duh. Additional white boards are on the floor. I either use them on an easel or just sit them up on the shorter shelves.

This is our lovely all-in-one printer. The kids love to scan their drawings and put them on myspace. I don’t usually print from this one, due to high ink costs. I have an older one in my office. The white ‘microwave cart’ holds lined paper and printer paper (which the kids love to draw on). In side it holds the paint brushes and cd computer games. On the wall behind it is our USA map that I made a few years ago. We use that sucker everyday, even when we aren’t schooling. The kids love to point out new things on it.


This lonely short bookshelf holds lower readers (for DD). On top is our collection of Bibles and related materials. (Yes, I collect Bibles). Coloring books take up the middle shelf and the lower one is full of ‘younger kid crap’. Hanging on the wall above it is the ‘sign language’ chart. DS1 is taking that this year, although you would think the littles were. They love to sit and ‘sign’ each other.


Last, but not least, is the ‘folder shelf’. It houses the kids folders for each subject. They put all work for that subject inside, that way when I go to ‘flush’ it, I can just staple it together. Everything is color coded in my house. The kids each have a color for their folders, notebooks, etc. I find it easier to put stuff away.

Also on this shelf are buckets of pencils and pens. I have had more people come over and ask me if I need pencils. They are just kidding of course, but HA HA HA. I have asked people to NOT send me anymore pencils or pens. The markers, crayons, and paints are on the floor underneath. The other stuff you see are random teaching supplies, you know like HUGE coins and bills, dry erase markers, and etc junk.


Well, that’s that. If you feel the need to look at our last school room pics…those are HERE.