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FREE – B is for Beatitudes

This week the best homeschool estore on the web is giving away another great freebie…. (how’s that for a sentence).

Click below to download

“B is for Beatitude”

B is for Beatitudes” focuses on the Beatitudes as taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Other skills covered include; responding to the mini-book, writing numbers, writing B, learning the sound b makes, creating patterns and recognizing and sorting shapes.

Our Early Learning Lap-book Series alternates between Old Testament stories and New Testament teachings. Each lap-book kit includes a Biblically accurate mini book with scripture reference, instructions and diagrams to aid you in the assembly of the lap-book and various activities built off the premise of the mini-book. The lap-books are designed to strengthen Bible knowledge, language skills, math skills, social studies skills, and science knowledge through hands on activities and practice. All lap-books include an art activity, sight words and a memory verse. In addition, there is a list of extension activities to strengthen the skills presented in the lap-book. Appealing to all learning styles.


PLUS….they are having another great deal set going on…. Must Check It Out… SALE LINK

Recent Lapbook Pictures

Thought I’d post some pictures of the kids most recent lapbooking experiences. I don’t have any pics of them working, but only after.

These are both done by DD. DS2 did the Johnny Appleseed lapbook also.

JOHNNY APPLESEED (currently only $1 over at CurrClick)

Plants —FREE from Homeschool Helper Online.com

FREE – Thomas Edison Lapbook

This is the new Hands of a Child quarterly freebie…so you have some time to go and download it. (JUST CLICK ON THE ‘quarterly freebie’ in the side bar )

From the Hands of Child site:
Thomas Alva Edison is one of the most famous inventors in history. Your student can complete a lapbook on this famous man and inventor with the Thomas Alva Edison Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child. This 54-page pack includes a 12-page Research Guide and 16 hands-on activities about his childhood, family and marriage, inventions, awards and honors, later years, and a complete timeline. Invite your student to learn there was more to Thomas Edison than just the lightbulb!

(on the other hand…they also have a slavery lapbook free at Currclick right now)

FREE – Slavery Lapbook

This week there is a great freebie going on over at the CurrClick site:

Slavery in North America Lapbook


Let me just add…I love lapbooks and I love the Hands of a Child Lapbooks!

Here’s what it says about it:

Our Research Project Packs present a great way for students to learn the tools needed to find information. While working through the activities in this unit students will learn the answers to these 10 questions:
# When, where and why were slaves first brought to the United States?
# Compare the treatment and sale of slaves to livestock.
# Map the areas slavery was most prevalent.
# Timeline the events and people who effected Slavery.
# Do a biography on Nat Turner.
# Describe the people and events that had the most influence on Slavery.
# What amendment made slavery illegal? Describe the process of getting it passed.
# Summarize the civil war.
# How do you feel slavery of the past has effected the interaction of different races in today’s world?
# Define Slavery Vocabulary.

Through hands on projects they will research and discover the above information and complete their very own project pack on Slavery in the United States.

FREE – Bear Notebooking Pages & $1 appleseed lapbook

FREE this week from CurrClick.com:

Little Bear Treasury Notebooking Pages  DOWLOAD LINK

Have some fun with Little Bear! Your child WILL have fun creating a notebook from the Little Bear Treasury, a favorite children’s classic. The notebooking pages are all in black and white and have a classic look to them.


They are having a sale on a great Johnny Appleseed Lapbook for grades 1-6!  It’s only $1.00.  You can’t beat that with apple picking time upon us!  Check it out…we are going to start today.  That’s the great thing about being able to download your stuff right away!