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LAPBOOK – Flat Stanley

As mentioned before, we are doing Flat Stanley. I cheated and got the free lapbook from Homeschoolshare.com. I did spice it up a bit by making a cool ‘lapbook’. Instead of using a typical folder, I made a large Flat Stanley and we used that to put our books on.

Here he is in all his glory…. (He is as big as a regular posterboard).

DS2 had to do a candid photo with him after I hung him on the wall…

Here he is with all his books glued on…

This is how we folded him… We flopped his arms in and then tucked his legs behind his head. ( I had prefolded him before I glued on the books.)

DD is posing with him completed now…

We are also doing some flat people of our own. I hope to have them travel the US. Currently they are on their way to VA. That will be their first stop. We are going to host their flats here in TN. (Pics to come)…

These are the completed flats with their respective children. They used fabric for clothing and yarn for hair. They are laminated to keep them safe from foul weather.

FREE – Slavery Lapbook

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Slavery in North America Lapbook


Let me just add…I love lapbooks and I love the Hands of a Child Lapbooks!

Here’s what it says about it:

Our Research Project Packs present a great way for students to learn the tools needed to find information. While working through the activities in this unit students will learn the answers to these 10 questions:
# When, where and why were slaves first brought to the United States?
# Compare the treatment and sale of slaves to livestock.
# Map the areas slavery was most prevalent.
# Timeline the events and people who effected Slavery.
# Do a biography on Nat Turner.
# Describe the people and events that had the most influence on Slavery.
# What amendment made slavery illegal? Describe the process of getting it passed.
# Summarize the civil war.
# How do you feel slavery of the past has effected the interaction of different races in today’s world?
# Define Slavery Vocabulary.

Through hands on projects they will research and discover the above information and complete their very own project pack on Slavery in the United States.

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